Day: January 8, 2021

Easy Ways to Style Your Breakfast Nook

The concept of a breakfast nook is incomplete without proper styling. An ideal nook is stylish and draws individuals to want to spend time in the space, enjoying their breakfast or reading a book later on in the day. Before you start collecting items for decorating, the most important thing is identifying a suitable theme, preferably one that is in line with the rest of the house. After that, it will be easier to collect items centered around a specific idea. The theme also guides on what colors to concentrate on when making purchases.


A beautiful centerpiece helps break the monotony on your breakfast table. Books, candleholders, small succulents, and knick-knacks are good examples of simple things you can use to decorate. With limited space on the table, you may want to keep these items small such that you do not need to remove them every time you want to settle down and eat. You can also combine two or three of these items for a more sophisticated look—for example, a small flower vase alongside a scented candle.


Rugs elevate any space without doing too much. They come in many different designs, shapes, and sizes for other parts of the home. Adding a rug to your breakfast nook adds warmth and gives a luxurious feel instead of stepping on the bare floor. You can get creative and play around with patterns, tassels, and color to make the area pop, even if the rest of your house is minimal.


A well-lit breakfast area creates the perfect entertaining spot and an ideal place to enjoy a meal. If you do not have sufficient natural lighting, this can always be corrected by incorporating lighting solutions. Adding a simple chandelier that holds multiple bulbs helps brighten the space. Switch up warm bulbs for white ones for a cleaner look in your nook. If your nook is close to a window, using light sheers and blinds is a better solution than using curtains.


Adding pillows to your breakfast area is a smart way to combine functionality and aesthetics. You can use throw pillows you already have and great new covers for them. Floral and tribal prints on an otherwise minimal setup bring just the right effect required to decorate a space without adding too much. You can combine different pillows’ styles playing around with shapes and patterns, and quickly, your room will look like a professionally designed area.

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